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Dependable, trustworthy, punctual

Ari Milner was a technician that performed I.T. based jobs for my organization. He was responsible for installations on networking projects that involved cat5e cabling and software installation. He proved to be an asset to my company, Supreme Helpdesk LLC, located here in Portland, Oregon.

He has a technical knowledge of Information systems, desktop support, and troubleshooting skills that make him extremely marketable. Furthermore, Ari’s willingness to learn new things was an outstanding trait that caused him to stand out amongst other technicians that performed work for us.

The one characteristic that stood out for me was his ability to be a hybrid of sorts. He was dependable, trustworthy, punctual, and always seemed to have an upbeat attitude. Consequently, he displayed a high level of professionalism that was accompanied by an IQ that caused me to feel comfortable if I ever needed to hire him again. He is most definitely an asset to any organization that chooses to utilize his skills.

Mervin January

A dedicated IT professional and entrepreneur

Ari is a dedicated IT professional and entrepreneur. I have a lot of respect for Ari’s problem-solving ability on technical issues, and also his empathy for customers, to deep listen and desire to make things right at the root level.

Yu Te
Product Engineer

Productive, Efficient, Inventive, and Knowledgeable

I have worked with Ari both as a colleague and a service provider to my company for several years. He is self-motivated, productive, efficient, inventive, and knowledgeable. He is particularly gifted at problem-solving. He often provides solutions to problems that have eluded others. He also has a keen interest in new technology and always makes helpful recommendations based on careful analysis. Anyone interested in working with him should not hesitate to ask me to recommend him.

Martin Grossman
Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Consultant and Professional

Knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy

Ari helped manage payment and delivery of video editing projects for me and my client. In addition to being knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy, he’s very friendly and accessible. Would definitely use his services again.

Nyshie Perkinson
Center for Biological Diversity

A blast to work with. The perfect tech+marketing partner!

Ari and I began working together on web technology and marketing projects (

He’s super smart. Seasoned in web UI/UX and back end technologies. But also, a blast to work with. The perfect tech+marketing partner. I would absolutely jump in if you’re looking to make your digital presence work like a fine-tuned Swiss watch.

Mark Alan Effinger

Ari has a creative streak and marketing “smarts.” Ari Milner has it all!

I could not live without Ari’s guidance. He is a reliable consultant, always there when I need him. Ari is generous with his time. He is patient with my questions, no matter how small they are. Ari has a creative streak and marketing “smarts.” Ari Milner has it all!

Faye Pietrokowsky

Flawless and very professional.

Our experience with PlanIT was flawless and very professional.

Alice Trindle
Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra

Great artistic, social media and technical skills

Ari has been more than invaluable. He has great artistic, social media and technical skills, and always seems to be one or two steps ahead of me. He is literally a guiding light bringing recommendations for not only building my business but also has made suggestions that when enacted has brought great feedback from clients and others resulting in increased interest and business. I wanted a consultant who was reliable, technically savvy and one that would help me grow my business in doable and practical ways. Ari fits all these interests and concerns.

Faye Pietrokowsky

Patient, skilled and helps us to take care of our security

Ari has helped manage our IT needs for over 10 years. He is patient, skilled and helps us to take care of our security, updates, backups and set ups of new systems to improve function. I highly recommend Ari for your IT needs.

Ellen Goldsmith
Pearl Natural Health

Available to address issues large and small

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ari as a corporate and an individual client. He provided broad IT support to my non profit organization for several years. We contracted with him at a time when we were restructuring our office headquarters which required a total redesign and wiring of our hardware. He did excellent work. He was available to address issues large and small. When I retired, I contracted with him to provide IT support to me for my personal computer needs.

In addition to technical support, he has worked with my on the acquisition of replacement computers, software and wifi configuration. I endorse him without reservation.

Michael Alexander
Urban League of Portland

By far the best IT professional I have ever worked with

Ari Milner is by far the best IT professional I have ever worked with, and there have been many. Ari is highly competent in all areas of enterprise support and is an expert with cybersecurity. Great support team. No task is to big or small. My biggest regret is not moving my company’s IT to Ari’s group sooner.

Alan Barson
Partner, Taylor English Duma LLP

A straight-forward and excellent communicator with real, proven technical knowledge and experience

Ari is a joy to work with. He’s a straight-forward and excellent communicator with real, proven technical knowledge and experience leading major companies. I can count on Ari to always provide up-to-date information as he’s constantly working to better his knowledge on behalf of himself and his clients. He’s a strong leader, who can guide a team or organization with clarity and pragmatism.

Elliot Trotter profile picture Elliot TrotterElliot Trotter · 1stFirst degree connection
Product Manager | UX Designer | Master of Communication in Digital Media

Really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security

Ari and I have worked together as colleagues on several projects over the past decade. I admire his professionalism and attention to detail. I look to him for guidance on best practices in an ever-changing industry. He is always well-liked and I think that is because he gives good advice in a manner which is easy to take. Many consultants fall down in this area, but he really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security. Not just smart, savvy.

Andy Hundt
Pro Activist Computer Support

He’s become an indispensable part of my business!

I needed to a new website was nervous about developing one, since I’m not the most creative person…I am an accountant after all! Ari made the process easy and offered plenty of options, allowing me to choose the format and images that matched my personality. He was also able to take information I sent him and create user-friendly pages that are easy to navigate.

In addition to creating my website, Ari has also become the IT support department for my business. As a small business owner, having an IT person you can trust and call when there are issues is invaluable. In my industry, making sure I have the proper security in place to protect my client’s information is vital.

Ari spent many hours answering my questions and walking through the issues I was having with my computer system. He worked tirelessly to get my system secure and continues to monitor it to make sure it stays secure. Whenever I have questions or if my system doesn’t seem to be working right, Ari is quick to respond and takes care of the issues immediately.

I would highly recommend Ari for your website development and/or IT support. He’s become an indispensable part of my business!

Alison Hlas

His knowledge and capabilities extend far beyond SEO

On the recommendation of another happy PlanIT client, I hired Ari after frustration with multiple “established” Law Firm SEO businesses. I originally intended to utilize Ari for SEO purposes, but his knowledge and capabilities extend far beyond SEO, and he quickly became our one-stop source for all hardware, software, and telephony matters.

Like many of you, I can’t solve intermediate and above computer issues and don’t have time to learn how. Moreover, my business can’t be “down” while I struggle with website or software issues. And that’s where Ari excels. Whether providing security for our computers and files, providing and tweaking software to make us more efficient, or the best SEO assistance I have come across, Ari and his team can (and have) done it all. He’s saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on clients and growing the firm.

Equally as important to business owners, he’s always a phone call away—and we all know how important that can be when it comes to your computer freezing up. I’ve been with him for over two years and can’t imagine we’d be where we are today without him. He and his team have my highest recommendation!

Don King
King Military Law

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