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Some Reviews of PlanIT

Patient, skilled and helps us to take care of our security

Ari has helped manage our IT needs for over 10 years. He is patient, skilled and helps us to take care of our security, updates, backups and set ups of new systems to improve function. I highly recommend Ari for your IT needs.

Ellen Goldsmith
Pearl Natural Health

Really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security

Ari and I have worked together as colleagues on several projects over the past decade. I admire his professionalism and attention to detail. I look to him for guidance on best practices in an ever-changing industry. He is always well-liked and I think that is because he gives good advice in a manner which is easy to take. Many consultants fall down in this area, but he really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security. Not just smart, savvy.

Andy Hundt
Pro Activist Computer Support

Dependable, trustworthy, punctual

Ari Milner was a technician that performed I.T. based jobs for my organization. He was responsible for installations on networking projects that involved cat5e cabling and software installation. He proved to be an asset to my company, Supreme Helpdesk LLC, located here in Portland, Oregon.

He has a technical knowledge of Information systems, desktop support, and troubleshooting skills that make him extremely marketable. Furthermore, Ari’s willingness to learn new things was an outstanding trait that caused him to stand out amongst other technicians that performed work for us.

The one characteristic that stood out for me was his ability to be a hybrid of sorts. He was dependable, trustworthy, punctual, and always seemed to have an upbeat attitude. Consequently, he displayed a high level of professionalism that was accompanied by an IQ that caused me to feel comfortable if I ever needed to hire him again. He is most definitely an asset to any organization that chooses to utilize his skills.

Mervin January

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