Client Story: Going the Extra Mile

April 19, 2024

I run a medium size law firm and have been a client of Ari’s since I opened it three years ago. Two weeks ago, I contacted the PlanIT Help Desk because I was battling to connect a third party’s indispensable research tool (let’s call it “Tool”) to Microsoft Word. Prior to calling the Helpdesk, I reached out to the Tool’s support team on my own and they tried everything they could to figure the problem out, escalating it to their experts after three long phone calls, several screenshots of the error message, and four day’s worth of emails. It was clear they weren’t going to be able to fix the issue so I reached out to the PlanIT Help Desk. Nathan, a PlanIT Help Desk hero who has helped me on several occasions in the past, dove in to help. The problem was complex and, though he tried mightily, after an intense hour of troubleshooting without a fix, he escalated the issue. That’s where Ari came in.

The Clock Was Ticking

I was on a seriously tight schedule, with a long-haul flight looming. The Tool was vital to enabling me to produce a brief that was due when I landed! I explained this to Ari and he shifted into high gear.

Collaboration and Resolution

Ari responded to my urgency by seemingly dropping what he was working on and reaching out to both Microsoft and the Tool’s support team. The discovery? An outdated version of the Tool hiding in the Microsoft 365 admin center was the culprit. A swift clean-up later, I was all set for my flight, equipped to work without a hitch.

A Testament to PlanIT’s Promise

This incident showcases the PlanIT ethos: responsive, effective, and always ready to go the extra mile. My initial outreach to the Help Desk and the seamless coordination that followed exemplify the commitment I have always experienced working with Ari and the PlanIT team. They constantly turn my Firm’s tech hiccups into success stories.


Don King 

Owner, King Military Law


With PlanIT, you’re never flying solo.

The new version of the King Military Law website launched this week was designed and developed by the PlanIT team.

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