Some Reviews of PlanIT

Productive, Efficient, Inventive, and Knowledgeable

I have worked with Ari both as a colleague and a service provider to my company for several years. He is self-motivated, productive, efficient, inventive, and knowledgeable. He is particularly gifted at problem-solving. He often provides solutions to problems that have eluded others. He also has a keen interest in new technology and always makes helpful recommendations based on careful analysis. Anyone interested in working with him should not hesitate to ask me to recommend him.

Martin Grossman
Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Consultant and Professional

A dedicated IT professional and entrepreneur

Ari is a dedicated IT professional and entrepreneur. I have a lot of respect for Ari’s problem-solving ability on technical issues, and also his empathy for customers, to deep listen and desire to make things right at the root level.

Yu Te
Product Engineer

Really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security

Ari and I have worked together as colleagues on several projects over the past decade. I admire his professionalism and attention to detail. I look to him for guidance on best practices in an ever-changing industry. He is always well-liked and I think that is because he gives good advice in a manner which is easy to take. Many consultants fall down in this area, but he really does a good job of making sure his clients adopt the proper level of security. Not just smart, savvy.

Andy Hundt
Pro Activist Computer Support

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