About Us

PlanIT is a nimble and experienced IT service designed for small businesses. We have decades of experience refining IT processes to be optimum for professional service businesses like medical practices, financial service companies, and law firms. We are the IT service your small business deserves.

Our Mission is Simple:

We use the web and technology to enable our small business clients with:

Strategic Planning

1) Plan & implement technology solutions strategically

Risk Reduction

2) Reduce risk of disasters and attacks by implementing redundancy, continuity, and cybersecurity measures

Operational Profitability

3) Increase profitability by improving efficiency, minimizing downtime, optimizing expenses, and marketing to generate new leads

Values & Approach

How We Deliver Managed Services

People First, Then Technology

Both deserve respect and are important to succeed. The people, our clients and your clients, are the top priority.

Integrity Enables Security & Privacy

We understand that our clients are putting trust in us to protect your business and data. We take this responsibility very seriously and only use your data to deliver better service. We are always working to keep it secure.

IT Concepts Enable Business

Automation, management, redundancy, process, synergy and other IT concepts can be applied to the rest of business beyond the IT department as well as in personal lives.

Small businesses deserve enterprise solutions

We help our small business clients to compete in a globalist world with large corporations.

Technology Empowers Communities & Environments

Being an environmental steward goes beyond green technology and reducing carbon footprints. It means thinking about efficiency, power use, and keeping an organized and well-documented workspace. As a company, we value engaging with communities and cultivating our own vibrant community. Our involvement in communities is important for both business and global wellbeing. Technology is a tool to empower this vision.

About the Founder

Ari Milner is the Owner of PlanIT. He has been helping businesses with technology as PlanIT for over 7 years. He has over 18 years of experience with IT, websites, and online marketing. He has worked to create 3 startup companies, including PlanIT. He is a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and entrepreneur as well as a technician and designer.

As a PlanIT client you will work directly with Ari and his team of professionals.

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