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Promote your business online with our affordable packages and powerful services. We harness the latest tools in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Reputation Management to drive traffic to your website and help you to connect with your customers. Let us handle the tedium and the details while we train you to engage with your audience and promote your business.

Web Design & Development

Develop your vision


Come to us with an idea and we’ll help you turn it into a reality. We work with you regularly until launch and beyond. Constantly improve your project with ongoing collaboration and evolution. Our method employs building on open-source platforms to save you time, money, and give you flexibility. When appropriate we have specialized subcontracted resources to fulfill your vision, within your budget.

Service Provider Agency

Our agents provide you with free representation


We are your telecommunications solution agency. We listen to your business needs and match you up with the best and most cost effective business solutions. Internet, phone, tv, and cloud services are just some of the solutions that we can offer. We provide free representation of your business to the service providers for any solutions that we order on your behalf, to ensure that you get the best deals, support, and service.

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I needed to a new website was nervous about developing one, since I’m not the most creative person…I am an accountant after all! Ari made the process easy and offered plenty of options, allowing me to choose the format and images that matched my personality. He was also able to take information I sent him and create user-friendly pages that are easy to navigate. In addition to creating my website, Ari has also become the IT support department for my business. As a small business owner, having an IT person you can trust and call when there are issues is invaluable. In my industry, making sure I have the proper security in place to protect my client’s information is vital. I would highly recommend Ari for your website development and/or IT support. He’s become an indispensable part of my business!

Alison Hlas

Accountant, Managing Member Advanced Accounting Solutions
Ari has been more than invaluable. He has great artistic, social media and technical skills, and always seems to be one or two steps ahead of me.  He is literally a guiding light bringing recommendations for not only building my business but also has made suggestions that when enacted has brought great feedback from clients and others resulting in increased interest and business. I wanted a consultant who was reliable, technically savvy and one that would help me grow my business in doable and practical ways.  Ari fits all these interests and concerns.
Helping clients make intuitive decisions that keep the heart in mind Inner Design - Applying Intuition

I have worked with Ari both as a colleague and a service provider to my company for several years. He is self-motivated, productive, efficient, inventive, and knowledgeable. He is particularly gifted at problem-solving. He often provides solutions to problems that have eluded others. He also has a keen interest in new technology and always makes helpful recommendations based on careful analysis. Anyone interested in working with him should not hesitate to ask me to recommend him.

Martin Grossman

Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Consultant and Professional The Grossman Group

About PlanIT

PlanIT was founded in 2016 by Ari Milner with the vision of bringing web solutions to the world and minimizing the headaches of dealing with technology service providers.

The web services component of PlanIT is all about helping to promote businesses online, from online marketing strategy through social media, to analytics and automation, PlanIT is designing a system with it's clients to create an automatic marketing machine.

At the same time as attracting new business, PlanIT clients can save money by optimizing their monthly service provider bills. As a service provider agency we analyze the bills and needs of our clients, and recommend better solutions to enable the capabilities that they need. This often also reduces monthly service payments by changing service providers or cutting excess services.

With a main address in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and Ari working mostly from Mexico City, Mexico, PlanIT is a global company with global vision and expertise.

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The power symbol around the world symbolizes control over the web and technology services.

About Ari


Ari is the Founder and Manager of PlanIT. He has previously cofounded an IT Support & Training company in Portland, OR. He has vast experience solving a variety of complex problems. Ari has worked as graphic designer as well as a web designer, developer, marketer, project manager, network administrator, remote support technician, and even as the CIO of Pax Terra, a company that leveraged community outreach with modern technologies to solve social and environmental sustainability problems.

Ari is excellent at managing projects through to completion, getting whatever detail taken care of himself or through his network of reliable subcontractors. Check out Ari's resume on his LinkedIn profile below.

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